About us

   The Faguss Forestry Ltd was established in 1991 and in the beginning
   the range of manufacture was timbering. From 1993 the main activity
   of our company became the production of sawn goods. At first we worked
   with leased capacity in our factories in Zala and Vas counties
   then in 2006 we bought a woodmill near Csömöder which has been
   functioning since a centenary and has become our company seat as well.

   In 2007 by the purchase of the equipment park of Zalaerdo Zrt in Nagykanizsa
   we managed to strengthen our production efficiency. The stumpwood processing
   is done with band-saw (Primultini 1100; 1300) which is part of our equipment park.

   Over the years the current industrial unit has been extended with three
   new large work-shops.Our Drying Capacity expanded in 2014 and in 2015
   we wish to maintain this rising tendency.

   Our main product is the trimmed board. We offer high quality Swiss floor material,
   furniture planel/stave and frieze also semi-finished products and panels
   can be bought in our industry.

   We possess a stock of air-dried oak timber. The quality of our product range from the rustic to superclass.
   In 2009 our company received the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) certification.
   (Our licence code is FSC-C016625). Look for our FSC® certified products.

   Executive director: Ferenc Gál, forest engineer, economic engineer.